We are currently filming new and exciting projects. Here is a preview of upcoming productions which are in the works. Shanna Grossman Real Estate - Shanna has worked with me many times and shes on the cutting edge of what is hot in real estate marketing and uses the video and aerial video services we offer to help make an impact on the Real Estate market with her properties. Golden Village Palms - Indio, CA Featured as one of the premier RV communities in the west, I was asked to create a video that highlights the areas active adults who call Golden Village home for many months of the year. I was surprised to learn this is a a very upscale place with everything from fitness classes to live music in the ballroom on many nights. Jeremy Scott for Olympian Labs - Fitness Guru Jeremy Scott has a lot to say about the best products out there that help build muscle and increase nutrition. He’s a no nonsense kind of guy who will tell you what to do and get you motivated.


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