At Artwerks Creative Media we strive to create the perfect media to market, promote, drive, influence and excite. We take ideas and concepts and develop films and videos that are impactful and fun to watch. We capture the viewers’ attention and present information that will help you create interest 
and ultimately revenue. See a listing of some recent client offerings below.
Vulture Mine Spot for Tantric Traveler I worked with Jon Hamlin on this production for his website, The Tantric Traveler. We spent one full day in production at the Vulture Mine west of Phoenix and in Wickenburg. The privately-owned location is very expansive and has tours for the public. Travel Short - Montana Summer I travel frequently to Montana as the summer weather makes for some amazing filming opportunities. This summer was no exception. the weather in the Flathead Valley is always perfect in the summer months. The activities area also endless. I will definitely be there again next year!
Paradise Valley Real Estate Listing Paradise Valley, Arizona has some of the most affluent homes and property in Arizona. This newly built gem had beautiful views of Camelback Mountain, water features and multiple floors. Filming took place in the late afternoon. I had the fortune of being able to use the the peaceful neighborhood to my advantage, all of the sounds you hear were from the property itself.
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